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Operating since 2018, Troober Prime Scratch, Dent, and Scuff policy provide a cost-effective Mobile or stationary Repair service for minor vehicle damage, commonly caused by parking accidents, out-of-control shopping trolleys, low-speed incidents, miss guided corners, or vandalism. And, whilst the damage may appear small, traditional panel shop repairs always seem expensive, and having to use up your no claims bonus or pay high excess fees is inconvenient and costs more in the long term.

Since its inception, Troober has operated solely as an automotive mobile app that connects our user base to customers requiring any work to be done on their beloved vehicles.

The Troober team is fully committed to bringing an easy to use cost-effective way to have the damage repaired with no huge out-of-pocket expenses. All of our reconditioning experts are among the best in the business with the latest small repair technology, Our motto is to bring you personalized high-quality customer service.

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